focus inward


Long the writer's true passion lay dormant, hidden, and untended.


Then it found a brief surge into expression during the early naughties, due to coaches and mentors, who imparted why and how to turn One's inner longings into productive endeavors.


They were assisted by the loosening of physical addictions of all kinds, which used to squeeze the living daylights from one's timid heart and battered psyche. For example, irreplaceable hours had been offered up to mesmerizing program-TV, which zoned out goodness what.


Then came the time to return some favours, and to help others, like you, give voice to your whispered callings.


This site is dedicated to this end. May it encourage You, by offering one personal example; one sample of giving voice to One's true, inner Self.


Writing is only one form of self-expression, dear visitor and friend. You  may (or may perhaps not quite yet) wish to re-connect with Your Self by focusing inward and bringing out ... God knows what.


be still and know .  .  .